New Arabian Holiday Homes LLC is more than just a short term rental management company, we are your local holiday home partner in Dubai.

Short term rental properties bring a much higher return than long-term rentals, and with Dubai gearing up for Expo2020, the demand for accommodations will only magnify the rate of return.  Dubai has recently passed new laws to regulate the short term rental market. These new laws have changed the landscape of this type of rentals and opened doors to official term of holiday homes.

Now more than ever it is essential for every investor to have a locally-operated specialist, managing his property to maximize returns with no hassle.

New Arabian Holiday Homes is a full-service vacation home rental manager. With well experienced staff from both hospitality and real estate industry. Hand in hand with these two industries a new concept of holiday homes is currently booming the Dubai market.

Our highly-trained, professional sales and service staff, and high-tech marketing solutions allow us to effectively and efficiently promote and service your property and deliver the highest return on your investment with a clear mission to revolutionize the vacation homes market in Dubai.

Mission Statement: – Our mission statement is “Atithi Devo Bhava” which means “GUEST is GOD”. For us all our guests are the most important and we always try to ease and comfort their stay by providing individual service in every possible way during the entire stay with us.

As a full-service vacation home rental manager, The New Arabian Holiday Homes offers:

Licensing:  We, as a Dubai-approved licensed operator, are able to facilitate the licensing process of your property and ensure that it receives the proper classification from the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) in Dubai.

Furnishing: New to the short-term rental arena, and need to furnish your property? No problem. New Arabian Holiday Homes provides turn-key furnishing solutions that include complimentary interior design services. We tastefully furnish our properties in accordance to the highest standards of comfort and convenience for our guests, whilst being extremely cost-effective to you, the property owner.

Marketing: Proper marketing is critical. Our high-tech marketing solutions help to ensure that we maximize the occupancy rate of your property. It includes: marketing your property on our website, free professional photographs and video of your property, promoting your home on major travel sites to over 50 million monthly travelers, and distributing your property to over 1000 agencies and travel portals, including airlines. In addition, as a locally-operated company we are available to show your property to potential tenants whenever the need arises.

Reviews, Social Media and Networking: We work hard to make your property popular and trustworthy. We collect and market reviews to promote your property. We also enlist the use of social media to spread the word about what happy guests have to share about their excellent experiences whilst staying in your property.

Property Management: We manage every aspect of the rental. From check-ins and check-outs, to inspections, maintenance, guest support, and government reporting, we do it all so you don’t have to. Our housekeeping service team, with 5-star hotel experience, will make sure your property is well-kept.

Better Business Returns: New Arabian Holiday Homes has developed the most advanced, efficient management system in the industry. Our high-tech system allows us to streamline the management process of our properties. As such, a more streamlined process reduces our overhead costs. We pass that savings on to you. We charge 25% of our bookings, far below the industry standard of 35-50%. In addition, there are no hidden fees. We earn money only when you do.

Sales and Customer Service: Our highly-trained, professional staff is available 24/7 to field questions and address any issues our guests may have. Our around-the-clock availability and quality service helps to drive more booking for you.

Additional Concierge Services: It is our goal to delight our guests. We do our best to ensure our customers have an exceptional experience during their stay. To assist us in our efforts, we offer an array of additional services which add value to your property. These services include: maid service, butler service, private chefs, babysitting services, booking excursions, and car rental assistance. We also offer our visitors area guides with important information to help them get around the city, as well as a guide to their holiday home.

Reporting and Processing: We will provide you with detailed monthly reports. Our online system makes it easy for us to book your property, manage billing and deposits, as well as your payments directly deposited into your bank accounts by the 10th of every month. In addition, our Owner Management System offers you the convenience of tracking all rental activities on your property, dates, payments, and much more. And, it is accessible to you anytime, from anywhere. We can even issue monthly statements directly to your accountant to ease your level of paperwork.

From beginning to end, New Arabian Holiday Homes offers a full array of services to make it easy to turn your property into a short-term vacation rental.


Benefits of listing your home with us:  

Maximizing Occupancy:  We share a similar goal of achieving the highest level occupancy for your vacation home, which will generate the highest amount of revenue. We offer realistic rental projections based on historical data, and we consistently analyze data to compare the best rates with consumer demand. Our state-of-art software technology in conjunction with our market knowledge and experience, allows us to efficiently promote your vacation home so you get the most value out of your investment.

Supplemental Income & Asset Appreciation:  Converting your house into a rented vacation property will have short term benefits, as well as long-term benefits. The first benefit is the continuation of increased prices due to vacation rentals trending, your net worth should be positively affected. Secondly, the consistent fees generated by the property will not only fully cover ongoing housing fees, mortgage settlements, and expenses, but they will also generate extra income for the owner. Furthermore, the more financing done to pay the principal of the property, the more equity you will have, which will increase your capital. Lastly, you can borrow against your home equity/capital whenever the need arises for future investment opportunities, home improvements, debt payments, and more.

Hassle Free Rental Management:  We believe that owning a holiday home should be a fun and rewarding experience for you. We are a full service, property and rental management company, with over 12 years of experience in the real estate industry. We will manage property rental procedures such as listing, photographing, advertising, handling customer inquiries and bookings, collecting rents and deposits, doing on-time check-ins and check-outs, conducting inspections between guests, scheduling housekeeping, handling guest inquiries and complaints, and provide monthly reports and pay-outs. Sit back and relax, everything is handled by our professional and experienced in-house staff.

Property Management: In addition to being a licensed holiday home operator in Dubai, and managing all of the short-term lettings, we will also manage your property on your behalf. This includes inventory management, restocking supplies, routine inspections and maintenance, 24/7 emergency repairs and more.

No Long-Term Commitments: Unlike other companies, we do not require long-term commitments. You can give us a try starting from 3-months to a year, and can cancel at any time by providing prior notification.

Live while you rent:  We provide a flexible schedule, which allows owners to stay in their own property while enjoying the guest experience. Simply let our reservation team know about your stay, and everything will be arranged for you – at no extra cost. Stay and enjoy all the benefits and facilities by yourself.

Sell while you rent:  Having tie-up with full service real estate company. So when you are ready to sell your property, we will assist you in doing so by renting it out for short-stays, while advertising and marketing it for sale. We will arrange viewings for potential buyers during the breaks between guests.


Office No : 2212, Business Bay, Building Name: B2B Tower, Dubai.
+971 4 443 1765